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Corporate Sales Training

Thousands of dollars are invested in sales training each year. Well-intentioned sales managers invest hours in training sales skills. However, lack of sales results isn’t always tied just to selling skills. Our in-person and virtual instructor-led sales workshops and training programs focus on equipping your sales team with the hard and soft selling skills required to consistently achieve phenomenal sales results.

  • Is your sales team under performing?

  • Does your sales team suffer from costly high turnover rates?

  • Do they know how to have the right conversations with the right people?

  • Are they adaptable enough to be considered solutions providers by customers and would-be customers?

  • Are your sales managers assessing and hiring the right sales reps?

  • Are they effectively acting as coaches and mentors to your reps? Is your sales team unified?

  • Are industry disruptions like mergers, government regulations, cuts, or marketplace shifts forcing your company–and your sales team–to adapt?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to consider enlisting the help of a corporate sales training consultant.

We train the modern Lead generators & nurturers on the sales mindset as well as the best practices that work in today’s digital times.

This is about changing the way long-time salespeople view what they do. We want to move them away from transactional relationships and into valued partnerships with clients.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a Powerful Sales Psychology

is composed of the three most influential components involved in producing a human experience:

Neurology: controls and regulates how our body functions

Language: determines how we interact and communicate with other people

Programming: determines the types of models we create in the world

NLP Sales

NLP sales involve using specific phrases, strategies, and behaviors to play on that system and subtly shape how prospects feel about an offering.

What are the benefits of NLP for business?

NLP is intended as a means for unlocking personal potential and improving performance. It achieves this by removing the psychological barrier - such as fear of failure - that would normally inhibit us from testing our abilities in situations outside our normal comfort zones.

What are the benefits of NLP for business?

NLP sales strategies have been employed by sales champions all around the world in all stages of their sales journey, from prospecting to selling to closing the deal. 

Use NLP to develop sales questions

Because of NLP, we know that questions are some of the most influential language patterns, because they must be contemplated by the subconscious mind in order to be answered.

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Advanced Sales Training 

Advanced sales training allows you to win bigger deals, navigate complex negotiations, and engage prospects with forward-thinking techniques.

The Training

There are scientifically based solutions for everything. Advanced sales training techniques are harder to come by, but they’re just as important to keep sales veterans on top of their game. If you’re an experienced sales professional who’s looking for ways to sharpen your sales game, look no further.

Improved Sales Performance

From shortening sales cycles to increasing deal size, Advanced Selling expands sellers' abilities -- from front-line reps to senior sales leaders.

Pique their interest

Your team needs to understand that they’re competing for a very limited amount of attention, and leading with a sales message isn’t going to get it. They need to lead with something compelling and relevant to their interests.

Understanding Science-Based Solutions for Sales

  • Learn about the buyer’s mindset in your industry

  • Learn how to gain confidence in setting appointments

  • Learn specific communication skills that differentiate top performers from average ones

  • Learn listening skills that will open up a whole new world

  • Learn why and when buyers actually make decisions to buy

  • Learn what goes on in the minds of today’s buyers

  • Learn the beliefs, skills and behaviours that create a top performer

  • And more!

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Drive Better Performance at Every Stage of the Sales Cycle

If you want to change your sales team’s performance, there is nothing more effective than enrolling members in sales training courses

Corporate Sales Training

A great deal of time and effort is spent in corporate sales training to get your team members ready to make a sale and optimize their sales strategy to make the process easier. Your team members will know the key points on how to close deals, putting them a step ahead of the competition for making sales.

Key Questions

Do your salespeople manage the client and sales process or are they simply reacting to the potential client? Are their questions thoughtful? How deep is their discovery? How effectively do they manage their time and effort? Do they sell based on features or do they make a clear connection between benefits/value and buyers’ needs?

What Will You Gain From The Course?

  • Relationship building, a key to creating customer loyalty

  • Advanced skills to engage experienced employees

  • Distance selling which has recently gained acceptance

  • How soft skills complement sales skills

  • Learn how to stop objections before they occur

  • Learn how to present solutions specific to each buyer

  • Learn how to gain commitment with elegance and ease

  • Learn what to do with buyers who don’t buy from you

  • Learn what your buyer wants you to do after the sale

  • And more!

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